Board Meeting Summary

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Location: Tilted Kilt
Date: October 15, 2012

In attendance were: Ed Galbavy, Jennifer Hendrich, Angela Reemelin, Tina Dasha, Michael Deitschmann, Pat Norris, Matthew Dofflemyer, and Dick Worth

Absent: Patsy Hite, Frank Watkins, David Martin, Libby Deitschmann, and Steve Pollock

Community Service Project. Our annual community service project was discussed. The board was split between accepting donations for “No more Homeless Pets”, and the “City Reserve Mission”. Jennifer will put up information on Facebook and John Kessler will put up this information on the website. Since Thanksgiving is coming up, it was decided to accept no-perishable food for the food drive until November 17, the Vanderbilt game. We will need empty boxes to use for the donations. Donations for the pets were also encouraged.

New Board Members. We had interest from quite a few people interested in participating on the board. The board decided to ask the following six people to join:

Helene Smith
Debby Bowman
Chris Teague
Lindsay Murphy
Colin Marcum
Molly Heath

Ed has sent an email out to all six people inviting them to join. As of 10/16, Chris has accepted to join the board.

Football Viewing Hosts for the rest of the season:

10/20/12 – Alabama – Angela Reemelin
10/27/12 – USC – Dick Worth
11/03/12 – Troy (homecoming) – Tina
11/10/12 – Missouri – Jen
11/17/12 – Vandy – Libby
11/24/12 – Kentucky – TBD

Help Wanted. It appears that help will be needed for next season for secretary and treasurer. Volunteers will be appreciated to assist Patsy when she is in Tennessee, and for Frank.

The next meeting is scheduled tentatively to be held on Tuesday, January 8, 2013 at 6:00pm at TBD.

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